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Welcome to our news website and course dates and changes will appear here.

INCA Dog Training & Communication in Bucks with Julia Meads & team.  


Services that are available during the shut down, see below and e mail [email protected] or book via main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com 

Human consults are also available via [email protected] & www.unityofenergy.com 


Dates & details for Dog Club running for Oct/NOV/DEC 2020, scroll down page - now available. 

Ringcraft & Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme hope to resume in 2021. All classes limited to 5 and social distancing. All subject to government guidlines.   

Keep safe and well. Jules x

01296 620079 / 07951 777330 - Julia Meads

PUPPY Training Classes - Please note consults are now available via Zoom or Starleaf or 1-2-1 in person at private hired field. Puppy Classes now also running. 

1-2-1 Consults are now available via Zoom or Starleaf or in person at private hired field.   

INCA Dog Club Zoom Group - if you would like an invite, send me your e mail address  

Animal Communication - are now available on phone, please e mail photo to [email protected] 

Animal Communication Talk - Free - send e mail - available recording on request.   

Animal Communication basic online course - available via Starleaf during September  

Animal Communication deeper level webinar - available via Starleaf during September/ October  

Animal Healing - distant healing now available bookings via www.incadogtraining.weebly.com 

INCA Dog Training Facebook Group - happy to add you for latest news etc. just send a request or join Julia Meads on fb.  


Scroll down for next available course dates - Older puppies, agility, ringcraft, Good Citizen Scheme & Advanced classes.  

Please note, courses are no longer running but claases run on a rota system every fortnight and booked each month in advance. 

Bookings for all classes via website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com or e mail Jules at [email protected]

PUPPY CLASSES - Start once a fortnight Fri 16th October 12.30am Stewart hall, Little Kimble, Bucks. Limited numbers.  

Bookings via [email protected] or via main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com or text 07951777330. Thanks Jules x

Please also see Risk Assessment on NewsFlash on main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com . This will also be emailed to each new client. 

Apart from PUPPY TRAINING I am currently not taking on new clients for 1-2-1 sessions until at least OCT 2020 , existing & previous clients please contact me for availability . Thanks Jules x  

Scroll down for class dates     


Bookings - Group classes are now all Outdoors and open to existing clients only for Sept 

This will be reviewed if we are able to move back into the hall venue in October  

Dog Club members will recieve an individual invite for classes now avaiable under the new ststem. 

The main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com will be updated very soon.  

Look out for Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme coming back soon! 

At times Puppies? classes will need to be confirmed subject to space available in the dog club.

Priority given to existing dog club members & clients. Booking now 

FULL or Reserved means places have been requested by club members, payment confirms your place. 



Bookings via main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com 

Julia Meads - Thirty years experience  APDT & Kennel Club Approved     

Scroll down for 2020 course start dates and club shut dates  

Next course will start ???


Next course date ?  Scroll down for latest options 

                                                 INCA Puppy/ Dog Training Club 

It is possible that the dog club has now changed forever but for now, groups will be much smaller and phased in over a period of time and all run Outside April- October . Indoors Oct - April. 


                     Start dates for courses in 2020 - please check, as all dates subject to change

Subject to government conditions from June classes would be per week & 4-5 people per group 

Payments would be via bank transfer, please ask for new details or Paypal, please ask for a request. 

[email protected] or [email protected] 

mobile and Whatsapp 07951777330 - Julia Meads 

Updates on INCA Puppy/Dog Training page on Facebook  

Puppy Training Enquiries please e mail [email protected] or text 07951777330. 

Pet Training courses for obedience and Agility  

Dates and details below . 

These would be groups of 5 people and booked £25 each class

Good Citizen Award Scheme & Ringcraft Training may return in 2021 subject to conditions and being able to re hire Stewart hall, Little Kimble again.  

 1-2-1 Outdoor Training is available - book via [email protected] or 07951777330 


Consultations/ Courses and Sessions/ Classes  

 Classes for pet obedience, fun pet agility, adult dog obedience & puppies run on a fortnightly basis and all OUTDOORS for June/July/August/Sept/ From Oct 2020 we move back into Stewart hall, Little Kimble, Bucks . The above are available to existing clients only (except puppies) and Group 1 and Group 2 alternate. Social distancing applies. 

Class spaces are by invitation and booked plus paid a month at least in advance. Each class is £25. Max per class is 5 handlers. If government restrictions allow, classes will continue in this format.      

Please note payments are transferrable by agreement but not refundable.

Please note 24hrs notice is required for cancellation or a fee may be required.

Human online Consults - see www.unityofenergy.com with Julia Meads     

or email Jules at unityofenergy.com 

Payment should be made to INCA or Julia Meads - please email [email protected] or [email protected] for bank transfer details or a Paypal request. 

Or via PayPal   Julia 01296 620079 / 07951 777330

[email protected] 

 September 2020 - All outside (social distancing, including parking)

Classes limited to 6 

We shall now be running as Two Sets ( Group 1 and alternate weeks Group 2)



Classes limited to 5/6 

Please note classes will move indoors for October a new risk assessment will be published and e mailed to all clients too. 


 Group 1

 Fri 9.30am - 2nd, 16th, 30th - August puppies

 Fri 11am - 2nd, 16th, 30th - September puppies

 Fri 12.30pm - 2nd, 16th, 30th - October puppies

Fri 2pm - 2nd, 16th, 30th - Advanced Obedience 

Group 2

 Fri 9.30am - 9th, 23rd - Pet Obedience

 Fri 11am - 9th, 23rd - Indoor Fun Pet Agility

 Fri 12.30pm - 9th, 23rd - High Risk 

Fri 2pm - 9th, 23rd - Advanced Obedience 


 Group 1

 Fri 9.30am - 13th ,27th - August puppies

 Fri 11am - 13th, 27th - September puppies

 Fri 12.30pm - 13th, 27th - October puppies

 Fri 2pm - 13th, 27th - Advanced Obedience 

Group 2

 Fri 9.30am - 6th, 20th - Pet Obedience

 Fri 11am - 6th, 20th - Indoor Agility/ Hoopers 

Fri 12.30pm - 6th, 20th - High Risk

 Fri 2pm - 6th, 20th - Advanced Obedience 


Group 1

 Fri 9.30am -11th - August puppies

 Fri 11am - 11th - September puppies 

Fri 12.30pm - 11th - October puppies

 Fri 2pm - 11th - Advanced Obedience 

Group 2

 Fri 9.30am - 4th,18th - Pet Obedience 

Fri 11am - 4th, 18th - Indoor Agility/ Hoopers

 Fri 12.30pm - 4th, 18th - High Risk 

Fri 2pm - 4th, 18th - Advanced Obedience     

Dates for Jan/Feb/March 2021 will be posted on soon - remaining once a fortnight on Fridays. 

From April Outdoor Agility will re start on fortnightly Monday evenings 

It is also hoped that Kennel Club Good Citizen Schemes & Ringcraft will also restart on fortnightly Monday evenings ......  

Little Kimble venue is in the field behind or at Stewart hall, HP17ORH

(Saunderton venue is a private field on right, off road, HP27 9NJ) summer only 

Shut 25th December and 1st January 



Group 1 - 8th, 22nd 

Group 2 - 15th, 29th  


Group 1 - 5th, 19th 

Group 2 - 12th,26th 


Group 1 - 5th, 19th 

Group 2 - 12th, 26th 

Shut 2nd April - Easter 

Cancellation Policy

1. 1-2-1 lessons, sessions for humans or animals require 48 hours notice or payment in full, unless the situation is urgent and an alternative can be found.

2. All classes and workshops require One weeks notice or payment in full, unless the situation is urgent and an alternative can be found.

3. Payment confirms your place and places can no longer be reserved, except by prior agreement with Julia Meads.

4. Refunds, minus various costs and expenses may be issued when a placing can be filled with agreement from Julia Meads.  


Club members may also mix and match classes, with in the four week course ie due to holidays, bitches in season etc

Bookings soon being taken for the above, link up e mail will be sent out to confirm. Book via main website www.incadogtraining.weebly.com or ask for BAC details via e mail [email protected] .

Outdoor agility - will return in summer of 2020. Indoor Agility - runs all year round (subject to government conditions) 

Children are welcome but must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times and enter the dog club at their own risk. Not all dogs are friendly and children should respect and ask before touching a dog.

In addition if your child has special needs, please notify us before hand, as an additional instructor maybe required to enable the smooth running of the class. If your intention is to bring more than one child, please also let us know in advance. Thank you.

Please note it is not fair to bring a bitch in season to the dog club, for her benefit it is also wise to bath before returning and let Jules know.

Catherine O Driscoll of Canine Health Concern is coming to Bucks to give a Talk All About Dogs on (date to be confirmed 2015)

see www.canine-health-concern.org.uk

for more details.

An evening lecture. The most important things you can do to keep your dogs healthy. 

Ellesborough village hall HP17OXA (near Wendover) Contact Chris Maylor 01296 696604 / 07720 986696 or christine[email protected] for tickets and details.

Tickets will be on sale at dog club too